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What to Bring (and What Not to Bring) to College

College is a new beginning. But before you can reach the new beginning, you’ve got to pack up your things and empty your closet. When packing for college I found myself asking what to bring and what not to bring to school. After a year of school, I’ve finally figured it out! So to save you from the stress of what to pack, I’m here to save the day.

First thing, you don’t need to pack all of your winter clothes/gear right away. If possible, leave your winter clothes at home with your parents and then fetch them when the weather gets cold. Winter clothes/coats take up A LOT of closet space that is hard to come by in a dorm room. If nothing else, when you go home for thanksgiving break retrieve all your boots, scarves, mittens, hats, and coats then.

Next, when it comes to childhood items such as your old blanket, favorite stuffed animal or other items of importance, bring them. This might surprise you, but there is comfort in the familiar. When you’re having a bad day, these are the type of items that might slightly cheer you up when your family and home is nowhere to be found. If you must, hide them in your closet and just bring them out when necessary.

Lastly, bring a positive attitude. It might sound cliché, but this will greatly improve your liking of college. If you release your inhibitions and try new things you will make a lot of new friends. When your dorm has welcome activities try to participate and have a good time. Everyone goes into college with some concerns, but not everyone embraces them. Think lightly and with a joyful point of view.

First thing not to bring is high school drama. In college, no one cares who you WERE in high school. It doesn’t matter if you were the prom king or band nerd, everyone has a fresh start and new impressions to make. Forget about your old boyfriend/girlfriend drama or the people you may not have gotten along with, it’s a new start for them too. In college you can become who you want to be and let go of the past.

Next, do not bring too many knick-knacks. It’s hard enough to keep a dorm room clean, but when you have little knick-knacks sitting everywhere, it’s 10X harder. Don’t bring things that are just going to get in your way. Ask yourself when packing, “Have I used this item in the last 6 months?” If the answer is no, you’re probably not going to need it at school. Try your best not to over pack and to only pack what you will use on a regular basis.

Lastly, do not bring everything for your new room. The best idea is to buy some basic essentials and then to buy things like room decor, once you’re at school. I was so excited about my new room that I went out and bought everything at once. I realized when packing that my car was going to be a little snug. There are many things I initially brought that I could’ve waited to get until I got here. Think about what you really need and don’t need and plan a shopping day once you reach your destination.

I hope my input will save you from some serious packing stress. Enjoy everything about this new transition in your life, without the worries. Happy packing J

-Speedy G.

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