Perks of Renting Textbooks

College is expensive and saving money any way you can is a priority for nearly all students. Knetbooks has been saving students money since 2011 by offering textbook rentals that save them up to 85% off. You may already take advantage of renting textbooks from Knetbooks or you may be trying to decide if you want to give it a try. Let’s review some of the awesome perks of renting textbooks.

Renting Textbooks Saves You Money

Perks of Renting Textbooks

We covered this important benefit of renting textbooks in the introduction briefly but let’s give you an example. Let’s say you are taking a biology course that you will not need to keep the book for after the class is over. One of the most frequently used biology books in colleges across the nation on average sells for $120+ for a used copy and the list price is around $180. You can rent that same textbook from Knetbooks for around $60 and keep it for an entire semester’s length. That’s roughly 50% cheaper than buying the used copy and up to 70% cheaper than buying it new. Opting to rent your textbooks can save you hundreds of dollars each semester.

Renting Textbooks is Simple

Perks of Renting Textbooks

Gone are the days where you have to stand in long lines at the campus bookstore to order and pick up your textbooks. You can order anything you need online with the click of a button while you’re lounging in your pajamas. It’s a bonus if the company offers free shipping too (psst..Knetbooks does!). Knetbooks is easy to navigate to find what you’re looking for. Simply search for the textbooks you need by ISBN, title or author, add what you need to your cart and check out. Every order ships free on Knetbooks and you also are provided a prepaid return label in your account to send back your rental before it’s due date.  What you see is what you get with Knetbooks and what you get is cheap college textbook rentals!

Renting Textbooks is Easy Going

Perks of Renting Textbooks

Students don’t always know what to expect from all their classes at the beginning of the semester. College is unpredictable and Knetbooks is here to make it as easy as possible to help you through those times. When you rent your textbooks from Knetbooks you are not locked into your due date. If you end up needing your textbook for longer than you initially thought, you can extend your rental in your account at any time before your due date. If you need to keep the book for a future class, you also have the option to purchase your textbook rental in your account and that can be done anytime before your rental is due back as well.

Now that you know some of the awesome perks of renting your college textbooks, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to give renting a try. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Apply coupon PERKS to save $3 off your next Knetbooks order of $35+.

How to Take Care of Your Textbook Rentals

Since you are borrowing your textbooks from Knetbooks it’s important that you keep them in the best condition possible. Once you return your rentals we will rent that same book to another college student looking to save money on textbooks. Read our advice on how to avoid damaging your textbook rentals to ensure that they get back to us in great condition.

Did you rent from Knetbooks and receive a textbook you feel falls into one of the categories below? If you believe your book is damaged, please contact us at We can work with you to notate your account of the existing damage or to send you a replacement copy. 


Highlighting is a great way to mark an important piece of text you want to be able to easily find later when you are studying. We do allow some highlighting in our rentals but we ask that you don’t highlight excessively. If you return the rental back to us with over one-third of the text highlighted, we may have to mark the book as damaged. Highlighting can be distracting for future renters and we may not be able to add an overly-highlighted book back into our inventory. Consider using page flags to mark an important sentence. Flags can help you easily get back to the page you need. Page flags are also small enough that they can be used multiple times on the same page. Plus, they are really easy to remove from the textbook before you send it back at the end of the semester.

Don’t do this:

Overly Highlighted Textbook

Try this instead:

Try Page Flags Instead of Highlighting


Taking Notes in the Margins

Keep in mind that other students will be using the same textbook next semester. Notes you make in the margins could be distracting for other students so we don’t recommend writing in your rental. Try using sticky notes to right down your comments, questions or ideas. They come in a variety of different sizes, colors and shapes and will make studying more fun! Don’t forget to remove your sticky notes before returning your rental. You never know when you might need to refer back to those notes!

Don’t do this:

Margin text in book

Try this instead:

Use sticky notes to write down notes


Water and Liquid Damage

It’s important to keep hydrated (and caffeinated!) during an all-nighter but liquids can be a textbooks worst enemy. If you spill water on your textbook, we won’t be able to rent that book again next semester. Wet pages in a book can cause mold to grow and moldy textbooks don’t make happy customers! If this situation does happen to you, the cheapest option is for you to purchase your rental through your Knetbooks account. The purchase price available there takes into account the price you already paid to rent the book.

Coffee Spilled on Textbook



Puppies and textbooks also don’t mix. Even though our furry friends are cute, they can destroy a textbook in just a few minutes. Don’t leave your textbook rental laying out where your pets can reach otherwise you might end up with a damaged book! Same situation as with liquid damage, if this happens to you it’s better to just purchase your rental through your Knetbooks account. It will save you time and money in the long run!

Dog chewed textbook


Stolen Textbook

You’re in the library studying in your own cozy nook and you need to run to the bathroom. Should you risk leaving your textbooks and study materials laid out? In public areas it’s best to err on the side of caution, especially if it’s a textbook you have rented. Since you are responsible for returning the rental by the due date, you would have to pay to replace the book if it was stolen. Avoid mishaps by just packing up your things and taking them with you if you need to leave your spot. Besides, changing your scenery and finding a new study spot may make studying a little easier!

Studying in Library


If you find yourself in a tough situation during your rental period and aren’t sure what your options are, please contact our customer service. They will be happy to assist you and find the best solution to solve your issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Use coupon TAKECARE for 3% off your next order at!

Did we leave something off the list above? Let us know in the comments.

How to Deal with College Stress in 5 Minutes

How to Deal with College Stress in 5 Minutes

I wish someone had warned me how stressful college can be. No one tells you about all the bad parts of college, only the fun parts like tailgates. Especially that the stress level gets bigger and bigger each passing year. Between juggling school, work and attempting some type of social life, there is also extracurricular activities like clubs and sports.

I’ve had my fair share of meltdowns and panic attacks from all the stress and worrying about the stress will (I can guarantee) make it worse. Most of the time our stress is from thinking about what we need to do instead of actually doing it. I’m not saying that we don’t have a lot to do but instead of trying to avoid all the stress, sometimes its better to face it head on. To get me through these times, I follow these tips that can take only minutes to do, to help me survive this.

Just Breathe

Take a quick second to reevaluate yourself and just breathe. Everything can be overwhelming at times but in those moments, you need to take a step back. Sometimes we take on too much in college and take a moment to breathe can give you clarity on how to handle stress.

Eat a Snack

The act of eating something can decompress stress levels and boost energy levels overall. Sometimes when we are also feeling a little tired, the act of chewing can refresh our bodies and wake us up.

Listen to Music

I am a big music junkie, I need music for everything I do like the showering, driving in the car, and even during studying. Music provides to me what TV does for other people. It clears my mind and it makes a good background noise for when its too quiet without the distractions of TV images. Music is a great way to get lost and let your mind take a break when you need to.

Smell Something Soothing

I don’t personally do this but I have friends that will spray something or go smell something to calm their nerves. I don’t know if this fully helps but I figured I would add it in, what do you got to lose? The scent of something like citrus or vanilla calms your senses and allow aromatherapy to work. Maybe we need to stop and smell the roses sometime to remind us to relax.

Take a Walk

I hate exercising like everyone else (probably more than everyone else) but a quick walk or run can be just what you need to clear your mind. Taking a break from the stress, your body will feel energized again. I tend to take walks a lot around campus with friends to mostly vent about stress or to enjoy the view.


It may seem silly but laughter can really be the best medicine. Laughing can boost your immune system and gives your mind break to think enjoy something other than all the work. Laughter can instantly makes my day better and makes my mood lighter and happier.

I truly believe the stress we face in college is the most stressful period in our lives. Hopefully these tips will help you or help someone else. Comment below and tell me how you deal with stress!

Exercise Tips for College Students

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that we should “give about two of them [that’s hours, people!], every day, to exercise; for health must not be sacrificed to learning. A strong body makes the mind strong.” We all know how hard it can be to find time for exercise during college. Between academic and social obligations, our physical health is something we often neglect. It is important that we find time to be active; there is a great deal of scientific evidence pointing towards the cognitive benefits of exercise. New York Times writer Gretchen Reynolds describes how, in a recent experiment performed on mice at the University of Illinois, mice who ran regularly were found to have more brain cells than those that were sedentary. The mice that ran for a couple weeks had about twice as many neurons as sedentary animals! This study reveals how exercise seems to “slow or reverse the brain’s physical decay,” which starts in your late twenties. So, if you exercise, you are actually “jump-start[ing] neurogenesis,” or the creation of new brain cells! Just like other muscles, you can strengthen your brain.

So, how do you get started? What exercises are best? How can you avoid injuries? Well, that’s where I come in. If you are struggling with picking the perfect exercise routine, this is for you!

Strength Training

Many of us–particularly women– exercise, but neglect strength training. Some women worry that they will become too bulky; this is very unlikely. Strength training helps you become more shapely and trim. According to the trainer Debbie Seibers, “three to four hours after a strength-training workout, you’re still burning calories.” Try lifting weights every third day and see how you feel!

Make Sure to Use Proper Form!

Many people do more harm than good when they lift weights. This is because they do not really know what they are doing. While men tend to pick a weight that is too heavy, women, worried that they will bulk up, pick weights that are too light. Both extremes can lead to incorrect form. According to a study published by The Journal of Applied Physiology, lighter weights can even be more effective at helping you gain more muscle.


Don’t hurt yourself. Many serious injuries are caused from lifting weights incorrectly. Disc herniations are very common; if you are in pain when you are picking things up, this may be why. Degenerative disc disease is also very common. writer Kenneth Leung states that this is a “common term that doctors use to describe ‘excessive wear and tear on the spine.’” Leung goes on to say that disease can be worsened if you have poor posture; this includes your posture while you are lifting weights! Leung recommends focusing on hinging at the hips and engaging your core in order to keep your spine properly aligned.

Do your reps slowly! If you are patient and consistent, you will get results. I recommend spending a half an hour lifting weights a couple times a week. Also, if you decide to do cardio on the same day as strength training, I would lift weights first; this way you don’t tire yourself out! For images of correct weightlifting form, check out this page.  

Running: Positives and Negatives

I used to be a runner in high school. Unfortunately, I am prone to knee injuries and had to stop. This is a very common problem among runners. Among the most common injuries are to the IT Band and the achilles tendon.

If you have an IT Band injury, you may feel pain “anywhere from your outside hip bone down to your knee.” In order to prevent these injuries, Leung states that you should keep your knees aligned with your toes and make sure your hips do not sway too much. Leung also recommends the single leg hip hinge in order to strengthen your glutes and hips. I also recommend using a foam roller when you are in pain; this will give you a deep tissue massage.

I know from personal experience how painful tendonitis can be. If you have an achilles tendon injury, you may feel pain in the back part of your heel, all the way up to the Achilles tendon. Unfortunately, these injuries take a long time to heal. Leung recommends resting first in order to decrease inflammation. Then, you should “gradually built up the strength in the calf muscle by doing heel raises.” If you are going to continue running, make sure to stretch your ankles and calves frequently. Leung recommends jumping rope as a warm-up, stating that it will help “strengthen the calves and keep you quick on your feet.”


Another major injury often caused by running is a hamstring tear. If you feel a sharp, shooting pain in the back of your thigh, you probably tore your hamstring. Leung states that this is often caused by “explosive activities like sprinting or jumping.” Unfortunately, it could take years for this to heal. It is important to warm-up in order to avoid this injury.

Sadly, for me, running is not an option; my body is too delicate and prone to injuries. I believe that you are either born to run or you shouldn’t do it. My sister has always been a runner and she usually has no injuries. My father is more like me: he ran all his life and now has horrible knee injuries. So, listen to your body! If it’s telling you to run, run! If it’s telling you to stop, find an alternative. For me, kickboxing was the answer.

Kickboxing: The Ultimate Exercise!

I found kickboxing shortly after I stopped running. It is a fantastic way to get out your aggression and it’s easy on your knees. In addition, kickboxing helps immensely with muscle toning, flexibility, circulation, stress relief, and coordination. The fitness instructor Samir Becic praises kickboxing because it is a full body workout. He states that kickboxing will help you “save time by combining your cardio and resistance workouts.” I love how efficient kickboxing is! According to Sammie Kennedy, CEO and creator of Femme Fitale, kickboxing alone “burns about 750 calories in an hour… add in jump rope and conditioning drills, and you could burn anywhere from 750 to 900 calories in an hour.” I always walk out of my kickboxing class feeling absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to find a kickboxing class at college– maybe you will be too! If you’re interested, do some research and see if there’s a class on campus or nearby.

Strengthening Your Abs: Do’s and Dont’s

Ab exercises are my favorite. I usually spend about a half an hour every other day doing abdominal exercises. For great suggestions, check out this site. Make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly! I have seen plenty people waste their time by doing incorrect ab exercises. Many people think that the faster you go, the better the workout. In fact, it is actually better to go slower! For an extra burn, keep your head off of the ground during your abdominal exercises!

The Elliptical: Is it Worth it?

Many people–especially women– choose the elliptical over the treadmill. The elliptical is great because it is low-impact. I rarely feel in pain after working out on the elliptical. comments that you can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes of exercising on an elliptical machine. Although the elliptical doesn’t burn calories as quickly as a treadmill can, it is still a great workout; your whole body is engaged and you are able to increase your aerobic capacity. This will allow you to workout for longer periods of time. If you have any injuries, I recommend the elliptical!

Conclusions: Where Should You Start?

Before you begin exercising, you must know your body. Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Getting in shape takes time and dedication. Above all, make sure you are having fun; you don’t want to feel terrified every time you go to the gym! Also (obviously!) if you can, you should workout outside instead. Especially after a long day of classes, you need the fresh air. Go for a run, a bike ride, a hike, or even do your ab workouts out on the grass. Good luck and happy exercising!

Pokemon Go Controversy

Attention all 20-30 year olds: the card game you grew up loving is now available on your smartphone. Pokemon has gotten a make-over and people are going crazy over it.

Released on July 6 Pokemon Go has adults reliving their childhood, but at what cost. Since the games’ release, there have been a number of attacks and peculiar incidents. On July 14, two North San Diego County men fell off a bluff while playing the game. One of the men fell nearly 50 feet and was knocked unconscious while the other fell 75-100 feet, said Battalion Chief Robbie Ford of the Encinitas Fire Department. Both men suffered moderate injuries and were taken to area trauma centers.

Pokemon Go Take Over

Further north, in Anaheim, a player was stabbed by a group of men in a park. The victim who is in his 20s, was playing the game around 12:30 am when he encountered a group of men. Anaheim police sergeant Luis Correa said five to six men, ranging in age from teens to 20s, attacked the man and stabbed him several times. The motive for the attack is still unclear, however the group did not lure the victim into the park. The man had non-life threatening injuries.

The bizarre incidences don’t stop there. Pokemon Go users have also been robbed and carjacked while out playing the game.

People need to realize their lives are not worth catching a fictional character. To those who wish to relive a game that they once held dear to their heart I say catch em’ all, but please be careful! The game leaves people unknowingly vulnerable and in harms way. Just today I was driving through my town and saw a man barely miss being hit by a car all because he was trying to catch a Pokemon. I understand it’s an exciting blast from the past, but be sure to always be aware of your surroundings when playing.

The app has taken a couple of steps to help prevent the above scenarios with their latest updates, which include safety warnings.

Easy Meals to Make in a Dorm

Dorming in college has its perks as well as set backs. Some dorm buildings only supply students with a microwave and fridge. Late night meals are difficult to make when you don’t have the proper appliances. Have no fear, for this post is here! These easy meals can be made in a microwave in any dorm room as long as you have the ingredients. They may not be the most healthy option, but they will for sure satisfy your hunger!

Easy Meals to Make in a Dorm

1. Omelette

If you’re anything like me, eggs are an essential part to my diet. Living in a dorm for two years I was severely deprived of having eggs. With this recipe, you can have eggs at any time!

2. Chocolate Cake

For those who have late-night chocolate cravings, this recipe is for you! Who would’ve thought making chocolate cake in a mug was possible?!

3. Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

One of the worst parts of being in college, for me, is being away from my mom’s cooking. Although this recipe can’t compare to the real thing, it’s a good substitute.

4. “Baked” Sweet Potato

My housemate last year used to do this all the time to save time, but it works perfectly for those who dorm. Making a potato is satisfying, but using an oven can take longer than you’re willing to wait. Try this way out.

5. Classic Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is the staple college food. Companies like Kraft and Velveeta make mac and cheese in a cup that you can microwave. However, those can taste fake and processed. Follow this recipe that uses real pasta and cheese to get a better tasting mac and cheese using a microwave.

Enjoy these easy meals until you move to an apartment or graduate and have your own oven! Happy microwaving!

Easy Ways to Help Save the Planet

This past week, I started my online class for the summer about World Ecology Problems. To break it down, we basically debate and post about environmental problems. One of the first assignments was to watch a video called How to be Green Without being Prick. To sum it up, the guy in the video discusses that until people become educated and more aware, we can’t help save the planet.

We don’t realize how much of a direct influence we have on the environment. The video got me thinking about how I could do my part. Even in college right now, we can make slight adjustments to improve our ecological footprint. Below are some of the changes we can make to be more environmentally friendly.

What Can You Do to Help Out?

Easy Ways to Help Save the Planet

  • Lighting: Change your light bulbs to more energy efficient ones: they seem expensive, but they last up to 5x longer than regular bulbs so they pay off in the long run.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: It seems so simple but its easier to forget to recycle items like paper products and plastic containers. Reduce the amount of spending such as buying cases of water bottles and switched to a reusable water bottle. Instead of throwing away random items like clothes and furniture, consider up cycling them.
  • Be Aware: Be conscious to saving energy like setting your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter or for air conditioner a few degrees higher in the summer. Cutting down the time in the shower can save energy and also the amount of water usage as well.
  • Power Down: To go with saving energy, making sure to turn off lights when you leave a room. We all have been guilty of leaving a light on here and there and it does add up! Also consider trying to unplug any electronics and appliances when you’re not in the room.
  • Transportation: this may be an easier change due the fact as college students, we tend to walk everywhere. One way to go a step above that is car pooling to places like the grocery store or to work with coworkers.

With these simple changes in your daily routine, it not only will save Earth’s environment but I hope make you feel empowered to spread the word!

What To Do Now That Game of Thrones is Over

Logo_Game_of_ThronesAfter a season finale that left us crying, gasping, and jumping in our seats, HBO’s Game of Thrones has come to a close. Which, in addition to an intense yearning for season 7 to start, leaves us with one hour free every Sunday. Although it might seem easy to fill that TV time with, well, more TV time, you might want to consider an alternative. By using that one hour Game of Thrones time slot, you can make some significant changes that could improve your well being… Westeros. Here’s what to do now that Game of Throne’s is over.

game of thrones 1

1) An Hour of Yoga

Stress comes easily, but shaking it off is a little bit harder. Yoga is an exercise that it known to naturally relieve stress. Turn your sun salutation into a Lord of Light salutation. Make your  downward facing dog stretch into a downward facing direwolf stretch. Use this hour to unwind and breath after a long day. It will also help you deal with your Game of Thrones withdrawal.


game of thrones 2

2)  Read a Book

For those who haven’t read George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones corresponding book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, now is your time. Already read it? Well then perhaps you’d be a good fit for The Citadel. Either way, finishing a book is always more satisfying than finishing a TV series. Get reading!


game of thrones 3

3) Plan a Summer Road Trip

Now that you have no more Sunday obligations, at least no more important ones, plan a weekend road trip. Summer is already halfway over, so get planning! Maybe you should also consult Lord Varys for some travel advice, too. He seems to have a lot of friends around the world. Oh, and don’t forget to download the Game of Thrones soundtrack if you’re missing it a little too much.

game of thrones 4

4) Spend Time With Your Family

Again, summer is already halfway through and the second half is going to pass just as quickly. Use this hour to spend some time with your family. If we’ve learned anything from Game of Thrones it’s that family is everything!

Why College Students Should Watch The Princess Bride

Most of us have seen the famous 1987 film, The Princess Bride, adapted from William Goldman’s book and produced by Rob Reiner. If you haven’t, you should drop everything, grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy! If you have seen the iconic movie, you know that there are a lot of witty and emotional quotes that stay with you long after the final credits. I have seen this movie more times than I can count; my parents watched it with me for the first time when I was ten years old. Even then, I was captivated; I loved the romance, the adventure, and the comedy. As the years went on and I re-watched the film, I got more and more out of it. When I am feeling lonely or sad, this is the movie I watch; it has gotten me through many difficult times. The more you watch The Princess Bride, the more you fall in love with the characters; I am always inspired by their dedication and their love for one another. The more my family and I watched this movie, the more it became a part of our family’s culture; we even recite our favorite quotes. Remember the following quotes; let them guide you as they have guided me. Find your own “Princess Bride”– your own movie that helps you stay happy and keep college in perspective.

“As You Wish”

This is possibly the most romantic quote of the film. Westley says this to Buttercup at the beginning of the movie, when they are living on a farm. It doesn’t take long for Buttercup to realize that, when Westley says “as you wish,” he really means “I love you.” As in real life, sometimes we do not say what we truly mean; our actions are what show that we care. Whenever I hear Westley say “as you wish,” I remember how important my actions are; I remember that I must show those that matter to me how much I care. Like Westley, many people have trouble explaining their feelings; this doesn’t mean that they don’t care. Some of my best friends have trouble saying “I love you.” This doesn’t upset me because they show me that they care. Best friends are the ones who are there to support you through hard times, and there to celebrate with you when you are happy. Love does not require words; love is shown through selflessness.

Princess Bride 1

At the end of the film, the grandson asks his grandpa to come read The Princess Bride to him again tomorrow. The grandpa replies, “as you wish.” This ending always makes me cry. Though the grandson originally puts on an act and tries to isolate himself, by the end of the story, his relationship with his grandpa has changed completely. It seems as though the two have never said “I love you” to one another; this doesn’t matter. By caring enough to come read to his grandson while he is sick, the grandpa expresses his love. The grandson is at first resistant, but he eventually comes to appreciate his grandpa. Though he isn’t originally thrilled at reading a book, it seems as though he understands what the book represents; his grandfather’s love.

“Life is Pain, Highness. Anyone Who Says Differently is Selling Something”

Westley says this to Buttercup when he is disguised as the Dread Pirate Roberts. Though he is playing with her, there is truth in this statement. When people sugar-coat life, they are usually in denial, or trying to manipulate someone. It is not helpful to pretend that life isn’t painful; this will only distance you from your problems and create unrealistic expectations. Life is full of pain; it is the pain of Buttercup and Westley’s separation that ultimately leads to happiness. Their happiness would not be possible if they had not been willing to make sacrifices. Westley works for the Dread Pirate Roberts, fights off a giant, and even survives torture in order to be with the one he loves. Buttercup stands up against Prince Humperdink and remains hopeful, even when everything seems to be lost.  

This is a quote that my parents often recite. They usually say it as a joke, in order to “mock my pain,” as Buttercup claims that Westley is doing. Though this can make me mad, I know they do it out of love; it is their way of saying that what I am going through is manageable. They have faith in me. My parents know that, sometimes, you need to make light of your struggles. Humor can be the best solution to pain; it can help you put your pain in perspective.

It is my dad who tends to recite this quote genuinely. I have inherited my father’s pessimism. Sometimes, it does feel as though life is not enjoyable. When I am trapped in a never-ending cycle of exams and papers, it is hard to gain any perspective; pain can seem perpetual. The Princess Bride has helped me escape the tight grasp of pessimism. Though Westley says that life is pain, there is hope in the way he looks at Buttercup. As much as life is painful for the couple in their years apart, life is pure joy when they are together; their love is so strong, it overpowers all pain. I truly believe this is possible; the love I have for my family exceeds any pain I have ever endured.

“Have Fun Storming the Castle!”

Prince Bride 2

After Westley is brought back to life, Miracle Max and his wife, Valerie, say this to Fezzik and Vizzini as they leave. On the surface, this is a humorous quote;  Max and Valerie somehow bring Westley back to life after declaring that he is only “mostly dead.” It is true love that is keeping him alive, although Miracle Max says that he is saying “to bluff,” and comments that they “were probably playing cards and he cheated.” At this moment, Valerie runs in shouting “liar!”  The couple bicker and Valerie tries to convince Max to help, because “true love lies expiring.” Saving Westley seems to resolve the issues between the old couple, at least temporarily. Though many viewers see this scene as simply for comedic relief, I found it touching to see the couple come together. Miracle Max and Valerie show that love is not perfect; all couples are dysfunctional. Even though The Princess Bride is in the guise of a fairy tale, it subverts all expectations. Few characters are simply “good” or “evil;” we learn about the hidden motivations behind every character. Not even Buttercup is perfect; though she does stand up for herself and remain loyal, she tends to be passive and hopeless. Max and Valerie seem to be the most dysfunctional, crazy characters, they truly have what Buttercup and Westley are looking for: a life together. As couples grow with one another, they pick up unusual or humorous mannerism. Max and Valerie may seem humorous to an outsider, yet their relationship has stood the test of time.

This is my mother and father’s favorite quote. Any time my sister and I leave home, they stand by the car arm in arm and wave goodbye, shouting, “have fun storming the castle!” This has become a family tradition. Not only does it show how much my parents love my sister and I, but also how much they love each other. Like Max and Valerie, my parents’ relationship has stood the test of time. As they grow older, they become more alike; I cannot picture them without one another. They may bicker and fight sometimes, but they are always there for one another. Whenever I leave home, this quote reminds me of the loving family I have, and the love I deserve to find. My parents– and The Princess Bride– remind me that, although life is not perfect, it is definitely filled with love.

Prince Bride 3

Chicago Bucket List for the Summer

Moving from a small town to a big city can be scary even if its just temporarily. For the summer I have the opportunity to live in Chicago and explore the wonderful city. With limited time and only two months left, I’m determined to make the most of time I have here. Coming from a small town, I have a ton of appreciation for all the activities you can do here daily. There’s always a festival on the weekends, tons of restaurants to check out and plenty of sight seeing to do. Although my ultimate goal was to walk the street of Chicago like a real Chicagoan (do people use that term?) and not look like a tourist, lost and scared out of their mind.

I’ve always dreamed of living in Chicago from a young age. There’s something about a big city with endless possibilities that always captured my eye and ever since I have found any excuse to visit. Now that I’m here, through googling my heart out and checking out Instagram accounts like Chicagobucketlist , I have created my one of a kind bucket list personalized for me.  With so much to see I have narrowed down a few of my summer goals for the Windy City!

My Chicago Bucket List

Go to a Cubs and White Sox game (I feel like this is a must)Chicago Bucket List

See a Broadway Show

Yoga in Millennium Park

Rock climbing in Maggie Daley Park

Lincoln Park Zoo

Go Sailing on Lake Michigan and see the night fireworks

Visit the Navy Pier and ride the ferris wheel


Go to as many rooftop restaurant brunches as possible

See the night life

 Watch turtle racing at Big Joe’s


So if you’re in the Windy City like me, comment below and tell me what is on your Chicago Bucket list!